Current Website Version - 1.11 | Current Loader Version - 6.0.4
OUR CHEATS ARE WINDOWS 10 ONLY (Version 1803 only, 1809 Available on test loader).
1. Ensure that AntiVirus is turned off (Windows Defender real-time protection must be off), If you have Avast, please uninstall that.
2. Download the loader here
3. Complete Registration using the Invite Code sent to you in your mail.
Note: The Invite Code and Activation Key are the same thing.
Note: If this is your first time and you are registering, make sure not to press tab at all.
4. Log in and place the code in the empty box next to ActivateKey, then click ActivateKey.
5. Once it shows complete, hit OK and close the Loader.
6. ReOpen the Loader and log in.
7. Run discord as admin with discord overlay enabled.
8. Run steam/uplay as admin.
Note: If you are using a game that uses steam make sure you are not using steam beta.
9. Click on the game and click inject, then click ok.
10. Wait for "Injection complete" message
11. Launch the game.
12. Wait for the menu or visuals to appear.
13. Enjoy!
If there are any questions contact TarTarian#0411 on discord.
All of the Quantum Cheats Subs sold at QCShop are available for purchase with Bitcoin (BTC) and Paypal.
I am an official Quantum Cheats re-seller and Admin. Everything I do has to be done within the official rules and conditions of Quantum Cheats.
Any sales made by me or my affiliates make are monitored and ensured by Quantum Cheats.
Meaning any breaking of the rules of Quantum themselves or of QChop will result in the same official punishment towards you as if you were buying directly from Quantum themselves.
If you have any questions about the authenticity of my shop you can message Juggs#1848 directly or any official quantum administration or staff and they will confirm my credibility.
For any important or urgent concerns you can message TarTarian#0411 and Juggs#1848 on discord.
  • Q: The loader will not open, how can I fix this? | A: Make sure all games are closed prior to running our loader!
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Q: The cheat is down and I bought a subscription! How can I get a refund or compensation? | A: Join our discord, which is on the site, and simply make a support ticket, and we will fix any problem that you face.
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Q: The loader says "[+] Update In Progress... [ok]", what do I do? | A: This means that the loader is updating, simply wait for this update windows to close and the loader will open itself again.
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Q: The loader keeps saying "[+] Connection Failed... [ok]", what does this mean, and how do I fix this? | A: This means the loader server went down, is being restarted, or is being worked on, the only fix is to wait and check up on it every few minutes.
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Q: The loader opens a dialog box asking if I'd like to continue, what does this mean? | A: This is just the loader letting you know that it will autoclose after the injection process has completed.
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Q: The loader says "[+] Injection Complete... [ok]" then closes, but I have no visuals in game, how do i fix this? | A: Please restart the loader and the game, if this still doesn't fix it after clicking launch / play on the game, ensure not to click or anything else until the game is loaded.
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Q: Do you guys sell cheats for 'insert game name here' | A: The list for games we sell is also on the status, which can be found here!
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Q: My game keeps crashing on startup how do I fix this? | A: Ensure you are running the game service (steam or uplay, for steam version of R6S run both as admin) and all Antivirus' are off
  • -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Q: My game keeps crashing when I alt-tab, how do I fix this? | A: Please run the game in borderless / windowed fullscreen to fix this issue! (How-to for H1Z1 here)
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  • Q: How up to date is this site? | A: We update this site daily, site version can be found at the top of this readme!
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  • Q: I have questions that are not answered here, how can I get more answers? | A: Join the discord on the site, and our support team is always there to help!
    Buyers Agreement
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    Refund Policy
    We under NO circumstances will give out refunds or time compensation for your stupidity or lack of knowledge. We have large amounts of support and information on our discord, which can be found here here.